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How to Use Mind-mapping To Validate and Expand ChatGPT Research

I researched the EV market using ChatGPT 4 and validated its results using mind-mapping

Will J Murphy
6 min readJan 6, 2024


Created by author using ChatGPT-4

ChatGPT and other generative AIs are remarkable but imperfect. Like many politicians, for example, they make up answers when they’re cornered.

The fancy way of putting that is to say AIs hallucinate, and it’s risky if you’re doing something important:

However, this shouldn’t stop anyone using generatuve AIs. There is always a risk that anyone, not just AIs or politicians, will fill in gaps with their imaginations occasionally.

Nothing has changed. If you depend on information, you need to check it.

But that can be daunting! Mind-mapping to the rescue. I use this technique to visualise and snalyse what ChatGPT coughs up. All you need is an app such as iThoughts or MindNode and patience.

To illustrate, I’ll describe how I researched the global EV marketplace. There were issues with ChatGPT, but I was able to spot and correct them. I produced a validated mind-map that illustrated ChatGPT’s output, including live links to sources.

Because ChatGPT “understands” mind-maps, exporting its output to a mind-mapping app is relatively straightforward. You don’t have to use the app I used. Any decent mind-mapping app will do.

I have no links to OpenAI or any of the apps referenced in this article. It’s simply my opinion. :-)

ChatGPT, Tell me about the global EV market

Here’s my prompt and ChatGPT’s response.

My screenshot of the ChatGPT prompt and response

My prompt, of course, is not comprehensive, but it illustrates broadly what I want to know. I’m looking…