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Democrats Risk Making Trump Great Again

I’m shocked that Democrats act as if they want the Donald to win in 2024. You reap what you sow

Will J Murphy
7 min readDec 9, 2021


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It is the 2025 State of the Union address:

Members of Congress, I have the high honour and distinct privilege to give to you the President of the United States, Donald J Trump.”

Thank, you.

Mr Speaker. Madam Vice President. Members of Congress. My fellow Americans.

After only 11 months in office, my administration has brought economic transformation to the American economy.

People are saying it was probably the greatest transformation any president has made. In only weeks, I put right the indecisiveness of the previous administration in a bigly way.

The previous administration might have stolen some of my ideas, but it showed that it didn’t know how to achieve them.

Even the Democrat’s deceit can’t stop me making America great again.

My administration, thanks to a courageous Supreme Court, will ensure that no one will ever deceive the America people again.”

Couldn’t happen? Are you certain? Get the popcorn.

Why Trump is electable

Some observers believe that Trump’s behaviour in office means there’s no chance he’ll ever be president again, but facts don’t bear that out.

Despite everything, voters’ views of Trump didn’t change much while he was in power. Look at this Gallup polling of Trump’s approval ratings.

Trump Approval Ratings (Data source: Gallup)
Trump Approval Ratings (Graph by author; Data source: Gallup)

Trump took America out of the Paris Accord (risking the planet), threatened to withdraw from NATO (risking world peace), and started a trade war with China (risking inflation) and more than I care to think about. None of that changed people’s view of him.

  • If you were a Republican, you probably liked him.
  • If you were a Democrat, you probably didn’t.



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