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How a Navy SEAL Teaches Productivity

It’s not about task management apps. It’s about being in Destroyer Mode.

Will J Murphy
3 min readFeb 15, 2022


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Jocko Willink is an ex-Navy SEAL, and he has a lot to say about just getting on with it and not making excuses.

It’s a book that I wish I’d read years ago. I can get so carried away with research and planning, that I never do anything.

Apart, that is, from watching my to-do list get longer and longer. Then I have to restructure it, and maybe change task manager app again.

If I’d dedicated all that time to doing something. — anything, no matter how trivial — I would have got further and suffered a lot less stress.

Jocks Willink would have warned me (bluntly) that it’s all about mind-control and self-discipline.

So next time you are feeling weak or lazy or soft or emotional, tell those feelings they don’t get a vote.

You are declaring martial law on your mind:

— Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual, p12.

Even if I hadn’t known the author used to be a Navy SEAL, the ways of a warrior are hard to miss. To get things done, you go into “Destroyer Mode”.

Thera are two forces driving your mind, your logic, and your feelings. Destroyer mode comes from balancing these two.

When you don’t feel like it, your logical mind tells you why you should.

When there’s no logical hope of succeeding, use your passion and aggression to keep going anyway.

Destroyer mode is the result of Willink’s philosophy, however. It’s what you can be if apply discipline in your daily life.

Get up early and exercise, every day, not just when you feel like it. Eat the proper foods and control your emotions.



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