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Easily Create Reminders Automatically From Within Apple Notes

Why break your flow? Add this simple shortcut and simply tagging a Note will create a reminder based on the note

Will J Murphy
4 min readJun 17, 2022


Creating a reminder from a note (Screenshot by author)
Creating a reminder from a note (Screenshot by author)

Recently, a reader asked whether there was a way to create reminders from within Notes. I kicked myself because it was an obvious thing to want to do.

You’re researching something, maybe buying a new computer or TV, and you’re keeping notes. You stumble across a question you can’t answer immediately, so you need to remind yourself to follow up later. (For example, would my partner mind if the lights dimmed every time I turn on this new computer?)

You could switch apps and create a reminder yourself (like an animal), but it would be great if your fancy iPhone or iPad did that for you.

Thanks to Apple Shortcuts, it can. Now, don’t panic about using Shortcuts. I’ll show exactly what you have to do, and once the shortcut is working, it looks after itself.

What we’re shooting for

It should work something like this:

I need a new electric toothbrush (say), so I’m Googling reviews of the leading products. I’m using a combination of Safari and Notes. See:

I’m copying across links and supporting text to my note. When I find what I want, a reminder to buy it should magically appear, based on the note. I add the tag, “#remindMe” anywhere in the note. I exit Notes and a new reminder has been created, complete with notes.

What this boils down to is:

  1. Shortcuts should scan all Notes for the tag, “#remindMe”.
  2. For each note, it should check to see whether it’s been handled.
  3. If it has, there’s nothing to see.
  4. If it hasn’t, create a reminder and add a marker to indicate it has been…



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