I fell in love with computers when I wrote my first primitive programs in BASIC on a Research Machines 380Z. It didn’t support graphics, but you could control the cursor position, so I wrote a tank game! It was the BBC Micro, however, that opened up the world of 6502 assembly coding, and I didn’t look back.

I completed an honours degree in Computing Science in 1987. Back then, the big shiny was a VAX 11/780, and the hip kids coded in C. I became a developer for a large telco and eventually moved into technical project management in the early Internet.

I got my MBA in 2007, and my focus moved to the commercial side of the computer industry, working in both the public and private sectors. My career peaked when I became the CTO of a small telco. After that, I moved into the commercial side of the IT industry.

Photography is important to me. It’s a wonderful mix of the creative and the technical. I’ve had some success as a stock photographer for iStockPhoto/Getty. Have a look here:

About 3 years, I took a serious interest in learning the piano, and I’m getting there (one note at a time).

And — of course — I write. Most of it is about how to make the best of the Apple ecosystem, but I’m interested in economics and the mess we’re making of the world we live in too.

Here's my set-up:

(Photo taken by me.)

My favourite quote for these strange and uncertain times:

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad Euripidés

So they do.

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